5th January 2011:

CCTech announces online training on CAD development and CFD analysis 


Since its established in 2006, CCTech’s motive is to establish a knowledge centric organization in the field of computational engineering. Over the last few years, CCTech has created a brand name in CFD and CAD Training. With quality of training and support, CCTech’s training has become one of the best choices for students and industry professionals.

CCTech has pioneered long term courses on CAD development and CFD application in India. Since its launch in 2006, the course has received a good response from academia as well as students. During the course, in mid of 2008, CCTech started offering short term course to fulfill the need of working professionals as well as studying undergrads and grads. The evening and weekend nature of these courses, help many professionals and students to gain the knowledge of CAD development and CFD.

Throughout these four years, CCTech has received many queries about starting new training centre at different regions in India as well as abroad. Being located at Pune (India), it was comfortable to many students and working professionals in the close proximity to attend the training. People who were not in the close proximity of training centre, especially working professionals, demanded opening training centre at different places or offering these course online.

CCTech has always responded to the industry needs and so does in this case also and decided to offer all its course online. CCTech would first divide the all the course in different modules. One can select different module and design its own learning curve. The silent feature of online training would be :

  • Modularized courses

  • 24 x 7 access to the participants

  • Facility to interact to faculty

  • Regular assignments and assessment through tests

  • Access to necessary to software

  • One can repeat the lecture any number of times to understand the concepts thoroughly

  • Certification at the end of each module as well as each course

CCTech is planning to launch all the online course by 1st April 2011.

CCTech believes that online training would give much more flexibility to students as well as working professionals to attend the training. Online training would remove barriers on continents as well as time-zone and would make these course truly global.



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