1st January 2011:

CCTech receives software development project from ship design and classification organization 


A well-known internationally recognized independent ship classification society has awarded a software development project to CCTech.

The organization provides professionally competent, completely independent and highly efficient third party technical inspection and certification services for all types of ships, marine craft and structures.

Through continuous efforts of in-house researchers, developers and domain experts, the organization has developed a solver which does motion and seakeeping performance analysis of ships, marine crafts and floating structures. The solver is based on various algorithms including strip theory, green function and Rankine Panel Method. Solver needs surface geometry and mesh of various vessels as an input and gives motion analysis as an output. The current workflow involves using various third-party software for geometry modeling, meshing and post-processing.

This software development effort involves developing the geometry modeler, mesh generation and post-processing tool. This also involves creating the interactive GUI for different modules to create an independent application which will enable the seakeeping performance analysis without usage of any third party tool. CCTech would be developing three independent software modules:

  • Pre-Processing : This module would provide geometry import, geometry creation and mesh generation functionalities. The software could able to generate conformal as well as non-conformal structured quad and unstructured tri.

  • Solver connect : This module would provide a functionality of mesh/geometry import to solver, solver setup and run

  • Post-Processing : A generic post-processor would be developed to create various XY plots and 3D contour plots

After integration of modules developed by CCTech and in-house solver available with an organization, we would have first of its kind Indigenous software.

CCTech has estimated seven months development and two months testing cycle for this effort. V1.0 of this software will be released by mid of 2011.


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