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At CCTech, we make it our business to be part of the tomorrow's innovations in CAD/CAE technology. Here are some late-breaking stories on how we manifest this mission and reports on the most recent happenings at CCTech.

18-Feb-2011 CFD workshop during annual event "Radiance - 2011", power by ANSYS Inc. in association with CCTech.
10-Feb-2011 CCTech finishes 20th project on control valve simulation.
20-Jan-2011 CCTech announces GeomTech, CAx (Computer aided Technologies) developers meet to be held in July 2011.
05-Jan-2011 CCTech announces making its CAD Development and CFD Analysis training courses online.
01-Jan-2011 CCTech receives software development project from ship design and classification organization.
30-Dec-2010 CFD solution services based on ANSYS CFX - World leading Turbo-Machinery analysis tool.
01-Dec-2010 Dr. Narendra joins CCTech's core team.
15-Jun-2010 Seminar on Control Valve CFD Simulation.
01-Feb-2010 CCTech moves to new consultancy and development office.
15-Jun-2010 Seminar on Control Valve CFD Simulation.
01-May-2010 CCTech celebrates its fourth foundation day

bullet Year 2009

bullet Academic Internship and Mentoring Program (AIM-CFD) launched in October
bullet CCTech launched new website in May
bullet Discrete Simulator V1.0 released.


bullet Year 2008

bullet CCTech collaborates with Geometric in CAD Development Training
bullet SolidWorks Customization Training course starting in April
bullet ICEM CFD and FLUENT Software Training course starting in April

bullet Year 2007

bullet CCTech collaborates with Numeca International, Belgium in CFD Product Training
bullet CCTech and TechSoft3d , USA partners in the field of HOOPS3d Graphics Library
bullet UGS Corp.,USA provides Parasolid geometric kernel to boosts CAD development Activity

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