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bullet Education 

bullet B.Tech. - Mechanical Engineering - Shivaji University
bullet M.Tech. - Aerospace Engineering, IIT Bombay

bullet Professional Experience

bullet FloWizard Developer, Fluent India Pvt. Ltd.

Vijay worked on the development of FloWizard, a next-generation automated CFD analysis software by Fluent Inc. from August 2005. He was meshing specialist in the FloWizard development team and worked on different meshing requirements of FloWizard. He developed and enhanced the robust meshing algorithms for the automated grid generator in FloWizard.

bullet Research Associate, MDO Group, CASDE, IIT Bombay.

Vijay has worked on the shape optimization of transonic wing. He implemented ADIFOR which is a sensitivity analysis and automatic differentiation tool vastly used for design and optimization. His work was mainly focused on shape optimization of transonic wing using CFD. He has integrated different sensitivity analysis and optimization tools with the CFD solver. During this study he also developed a customized TFI grid generator. This standalone design tool was used to design a transonic wing.

He has sound knowledge of CFD and computational engineering. He possesses a fine set of programming expertise

Vijay has been involved in various student organization and event management at IIT Bombay. He served as the production team head and executive council member in IIT Bombay student body.

Vijay has delivered a presentation on “Optimization of L/D for ONERA-M6 Wing Using ADIFOR and Euler” at 100 Years Since First Powered Flight-International Seminar and Advances in Aerospace Sciences -A Technical Seminar, Bangalore

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