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Through continuous training and development program at CCTech, we make sure that our resource has updated knowledge about advancements in the respective fields. At CCTech we have wide pool of resources with good domain knowledge. We have domain experts as well as software experts. So be it the requirement of developing customized applications or using commercial softwares for solving engineering problems, you will find the correct resource at CCTech.

CCTech provides technical resources in following three areas:

bullet CAD Development
bullet CAD Customization
bullet CFD Analysis

c/c++, Java based development on Windows & Linux
MFC, ATL Frameworks
Computer Aided Geometric Design
Computer Graphics - OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph, HOOPS3D
Geometric Kernel - Parasolid, ACIS and OpenCascade
Computational Geometry
User Interface Development using Qt and MFC

AutoCAD using VB
Pro/Engineer using Pro/ToolKit
UGS NX 5.0 (NXOpen) in C and Java
SolidWorks using VB and C++
Teamcenter Engineering 2005 using ITK and Java Rich Client

    Software Expertise

If you need the resources to work on specific softwares, following is the list of tools in which our resources have expertise


CAD Modeling and Repair
  - CAD Modeling :

SolidWorks, CATIA, ProE, UG

  - CAD Cleanup and Repair : ANSA, ICEM-CFD, GAMBIT


  - GAMBIT :

Tet+Boundary Layer mesh, Hexcore and all hex with volume decompositions, Automation through journal files, Modeling and meshing plug-in for specific geometries

  - ICEM-CFD :

Blocking and all Hexa meshing, Tet/Prism meshing, Hybrid meshing, scripting

  - TGrid : Surface mesh repair and improvement, Tet/prism volume meshing, Hexcore meshing, Wrapper technology


CFD Solvers

Turbulence, Combustion, Multiphase, Solidification and melting Moving deforming mesh applications. Conjugate heat transfer including radiation. UDFs and customization


Turbulence, Combustion and Multiphase modeling. CFX-Turbo module. Conjugate heat transfer

    Domain Expertise

If you are looking for domain experts, following is the list of domain and problems solved by our resources.

  Automobile :

Aerodynamics, Underhood thermal analysis, Passenger comfort and HVAC, Combustion and Emission, NOx and SOx formation, Cooling jacket, Muffler design and acoustics, Airbag simulation, Sun roof buffeting, Fog and deicing

  Aerospace : Aerodynamics, HVAC and passenger/pilot comfort, Turbine and blade design, Wing design and optimization, Missile 6 DOF, Supersonic and hypersonic flow simulations, Brake cooling
  Acoustics : Flow induced noise and vibrations, Frequency and sound pressure level (SPL) analysis, Damping and attenuations
  Biomedical : Blood flow through artery, Stented artery analysis, Nose inhalers, Drug delivery systems
  Building HVAC : HAVC ducting and optimization, Natural and forced air circulations, Solar powered natural ventilations, Air contamination and filtering
  Casting and Material Processing : Solidification and melting, Air bubble formation in Cryolite melt, Die and injection casting, Conjugate heat transfer in furnace
  Chemical and Process Industry : Distillation and separation processes, Species transport-mixing-reaction, Catalytic cracking, Heat exchangers, Cyclone separators, Phase separation, Spray dryers, Coal gasification
  Electronic Cooling : Heat sink design and performance, Component and system level analysis, Fan performance-location-characteristics, Server rack cooling, Heat exchanger design and optimization
  FSI : Pipe vibrations, Wing fluttering, Pressure relief valves
  Petroleum : Turbomachinery design for sub-sea applications, crude oil transport, Gravity separators for offshore applications
  Pressure Wave and Pulsation : Centrifugal and screw compressor pipe vibrations, Sound filtering and attenuation, Mufflers and sound dampers
  Thermal and CHT : Heat exchanger design and optimization, Economizer and superheated analysis, Solar heaters, Hot and cold storage, Compact and high temperature heat exchangers
  Turbomachinery   Centrifugal and reciprocating machines, Compressors and pumps, Air (ideal gas) and refrigerant (real gas) compressors, Turbomachinery design-analysis-optimization & characteristic calculations

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