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If you need to supplement your workforce, whether it is due to absences, special projects, or seasonal projects, CCTech offers this service as a solution to your changing workplace demands. Whether you need additional support for a week, a month or a year, CCTech can provide the additional resource who is not only technically sound but can also fit into your work culture. The employees are CCTech employees; they are paid by us and covered by our benefits and insurance.

CCTech has resource base with a wide range of technical capabilities. So if you are in need of additional resources/man-power for a certain period of time who needs to work on a wide range of projects, we can provide the perfect match.

When you have a job that requires a team of people, CCTech will assist you to develop a comprehensive staffing plan specifying requirements for all key team members as a single assignment. In these cases CCTech will assemble and manage the precise mix of skills, experience, and personalities it takes to complete critical projects on-time and on-budget.

In case of complex projects, it may happen that some part of the project needs very specific skill sets. It's not economically viable to have a full time resource with very special skill sets for only one or two projects. In this case, CCTech's domain experts can fit into your team. We have domain experts in the filed of CAD development, CAD customization and CFD analysis.

How can you be sure a candidate is the right fit for your company? This option allows clients to evaluate the performance of an individual on a trial basis prior to extending a job offer. Clients have access to qualified individuals immediately in order to meet their needs.

Over the last few years, CCTech has trained many candidates in the field of CAD development, CAD customization and CFD. They are now working in the industry on various projects and developed there expertise in respective domain. CCTech has its own contacts with industry professionals and it's a strong-closed community we have created. If your company needs a person with specific skill sets, we can direct you to the correct candidate.

This service saves our clients time and money! We bring job seekers and potential employers together.

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