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Faceted Geometric Kernel is discrete geometry processing kernel. FGK is developed using new FacetedBREP technology. Traditional kernel uses NURBS or analytical surfaces for geometry representation whereas FGK uses faceted surface for geometry. Every faceted surface in FGK has UV parameterization to do parametric manipulation. Every solid in FGK has Topological structure mapped with faceted surfaces. Kernel uses hybrid computing (CPU+GPU) model to provide real time editing capability over large assemblies.


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DiscreteSimulator is the first product from our tutor family. The main aim of this product is to make "Learning CNC Programming" much more easier and effective. Through its interactive and easy GUI, 3D graphics display and inbuilt NC code editor, this product makes the learning cycle much quick and comprehensive.

Some of the features of this product includes:

bullet 3D graphics display
bullet Online view of the stock removal
bullet Inbuilt NC code editor and NC code syntax corrector
bullet IGES/STL export to standard CAD software
bullet Calculator for required parameters
bullet Interactive tool selector

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