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Every product designed in the industry needs separate R&D efforts. The tight schedule and large scale of the product makes physical testing nearly impossible.

Computational Fluid Dynamics or simply CFD is concerned with obtaining numerical solution to the fluid flow problems by using computers. A variety of reasons can be cited for the increased importance of simulation techniques achieved in recent years:


Need to forecast performance


Cost and/or impossibility of experiments


The desire for increased insight


Advances in computer speed and memory (1:10 every 5 years)


Advances in solution algorithms

Because of the diverse modeling capabilities in commercial CFD packages, CFD is becoming a vital tool in various product designs. Now-a-days CFD study is a regular activity during product design, product redesign, and troubleshooting.

Commercial CFD products are matured enough to solve almost every problem related to fluid flow, heat transfer, chemical reactions, multiphase flows, combustion and many more. The only requirement now is the domain knowledge and software expertise.

To tackle all your requirements in CFD training, CCTech offers many courses on CFD. We offer courses at introductory, intermediate and advanced level to suit the requirements and satisfy all your training needs.

The courses offered by CCTech are divided in three categories viz.




Domain Specific


Software Specific

The introductory course is designed for an engineer having very little or no CFD exposure. This course starts with the fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and CFD. Once the fundamental training is imparted, the software training will be given and the participant can start working on CFD projects right away.

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Domain specific training is designed for an engineer who is working in CFD and wants to develop his expertise in a specific domain. Some of the courses offered in this category are multiphase modeling, combustion modeling, turbomachinery modeling and many more.

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Many times the engineer has very good domain knowledge but lack of software expertise restricts the engineer to use CFD tools during design activities. Our software specific courses are more focused towards giving training on software functionalities and execution. The software training course are divided in three categories viz. introductory, intermediate and advanced.

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If your training requirements are something different than these regular courses, you can customize your own course. To make any course suitable for you, along with the standard software tutorials, CCTech prepares the test cases specific to your domain. During the training you can learn the fundamentals as well as software along with solving problems of your own interest.

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Satisfying all your CFD training needs under one roof


Customized course for your own requirements


Practical sessions using your own test cases


On site training as per your convenience


Cost effective

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How can you enroll for the course ?

The enrollment will depend on which course you are attending. If you are attending the standard course from the CCTech CFD training suite, there are two ways you can attend the training


Enroll for the scheduled course at CCTech training center


Schedule the course for your own organization

CCTech offers the standard courses on regular basis. If you want to take any of the standard courses, look for the upcoming course schedule and enroll for the course suitable for you. In this case even a single candidate from an organization can attend the training.

If you want to attend the standard course, but your training needs are urgent, then we can schedule the course explicitly for your organization. In this case the training can be conducted on-site or at CCTech training center. In this case if the number of participants will be more than 4, it will be cost effective for an organization.

If the course is customized for your own requirements, the same course can be scheduled and conducted as per your convenience. If you want to customize the course as per your requirements, then give us 2 weeks prior notice so that our training department can prepare the test cases as per your requirements.

To avail the standard or customized course, please fill and submit the enquiry form. Our training department representative will contact you very soon.

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