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CCTech offers corporate training in two main domains:
  • CAD Development
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis

CAD product development cycle needs expertise in many areas starting with design and architecture of software to display of CAD model using OpenGL or HOOPS libraries. CCTech offers many courses in this wide regime of CAD to cater to all the training needs of a CAD developer. CCTech has collaborated with many organizations and is the only one training center offering specialized courses in the field of CAD development. CCTech is the  university partner for Spatial Corporation, Siemens PLM Software and TechSoft 3D and has accesses to world class CAD technologies.

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CCTech's CFD training is designed to satisfy different training needs for CFD application engineers. Be it learning the fundamentals of CFD or developing expertise on CFD software, we have a course to fulfill the requirement. We offer three levels of CFD courses viz. Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. Let it be a beginner in CFD with very little or no knowledge of CFD or be it a CFD practitioner, we have a course suitable for all the levels.

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CCTech has many courses in the standard training suit. These course are offered on regular basis for corporate. One can enroll for the scheduled course and develop the skill-sets. In this case the number of enrollments for one organization can be one or more.

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You can schedule the standard course specifically for your organization. In this way you can discuss your specific problems and work on your own test cases during the practical sessions. In this case, as many engineers as you want can attend the training and will be the best cost effective choice.

If you don't find any course suitable for your specific requirements, we can definitely design the course for you. Our "Customized Training" will help you to tune the training course as per your need.

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