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The field of computer aided design has advanced dramatically in recent years, in terms of theory, algorithms, commercial software and widespread adoption in engineering practice. Virtually all computer-based design tasks commence with the use of computer-aided design (CAD) systems to create detailed geometrical models. These models serve as the point of departure for diverse analysis tools, such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD), stress analysis, and computational electromagnetics, acoustics and many more.

Although the current CAD software products can model the real life complex geometries, there are still advancements happening in the current features. To make modeling much easier and more accurate, new features are getting developed.

In the past few years by breaking the boundaries of mechanical system modeling, CAD developments have explored the horizons in other fields like gaming, animations and many more. The techniques using in CAD software products are also being used in other fields.

Through different workshops on CAD development, CCTech is trying to bring the technology from research labs to working professionals.

CCTech offers two levels of workshops on CAD development


Designed for UG/PG engineering students - College Workshops


Designed for working professionals - Corporate Workshops

CAD product developer needs a perfect blend of skill sets. For being a CAD developer, one needs to have good understanding of geometry as well as programming skills. Definitely, to develop these skill sets, one needs a considerable amount of time. The last year of UG/PG is mainly devoted for seminar/project work. This is the perfect time where one can start building his/her profile for being a CAD developer.

CCTech's college workshop on CAD development is mainly designed for creating the awareness in engineering students about CAD product development. The awareness program is executed in two stages


Phase I : Conducting introductory lectures at engineering colleges


Phase II : Conducting 4 to 5 days workshop at engineering colleges

In introductory lectures, the overview of CAD software development process will be given to students. The main focus is on "What needs to be learnt?" and "What are the different career opportunities for students?".

In the second phase, 4 to 5 days training is given to students. This training will give a good idea about CAD product development cycle, geometry fundamentals and programming. This is the way student will be in a better position to select a project topic related to CAD development. After the workshop, CCTech faculty will help students to execute the projects. Even a simple project on small CAD feature will boost the student's confidence and will be appreciated a lot during interviews. Working on these advanced tools will also help students to secure their admissions for higher studies in good institutes/universities.

If you want your students to be aware of and make their career the in challenging field of CAD development, you can organize presentation for your students. Please fill-up the enquiry form and specify "Introductory CAD Presentation" in the subject.

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CCTech conducts corporate workshops on various topics related to CAD development. These workshop brings the domain experts on common platform. Following are the various topics on which the workshops are organized


Recent developments in computer graphics


Advanced solid modeling


Advancements in translator technology


Architectural layout of CAD software


Role and usage of geometric kernel in CAD software development


Open source geometric kernels

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